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This is certainly a field where engineering requires a different approach owing to the size and commercial pressures from clients..

Our past experience in working alongside manufacturers and specialist companies greatly assist in delivering complex projects to the expectation of clients where timeframes and reliability are key.

01 City Technology

City Technology specialises in gas detection equipment and is now one of the leading manufacturers in this field.

The company was established as a direct result of the research arm of City University.

The 6000sq.m headquarters and manufacturing complex includes air conditioning offices, large research and development and manufacturing facilities.

In addition to the conventional engineering systems there was a requirement to design a multi gas distribution network and fume cupboards in the production areas.

The building was opened by the Prime Minister.

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02 GlaxoSmithKline, Crawley

Our appointment necessitated a comprehensive survey of the current tablet manufacturing building to determine an accurate record of both conventional and specialist systems and their performance.

This enabled the early design and options for the manufacturing plant and testing facilities to be established.

The building required progressive pressurised spaces, clean room areas and process areas.

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03 CSER Satellite Technology

The Practice has undertaken several projects for the University.

The latest project was the major extension of the CSER building providing twice the original areas for offices and research.

The Department is the world leader in satellite technology and the new facilities provide close environment control of design and development areas.

New computer room, ground monitor station clean room and research laboratories were closely engineered to the architectural restrictions imposed on the project.

The building services where commissioned resulting in close control of the different working environments demanded by the Department.

The project was kept in budget and was completed to the programme and operational restrictions of the Department to continue and complete their deadline.

Her Majesty the Queen formally opened the new complex.

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04 BMW Garage, Cobham

We have an in depth knowledge in motor vehicles with previous involvement with the Porsche Cars (GB) Limited and Ferrari’s formula one development complex in Surrey.

As consultants we were responsible for the design of the mechanical, electrical and lift services for the new garage and distribution centre at Cobham which was to become the flagship of the William Jacks Group.

The Practice also designed the lubrication and compressed air systems, waste oil control and disposal, CO2 detection system, vehicle ramps and exhaust ventilation, together with data and communication systems.

Design development was strictly monitored by BMW who frequently revised their specification throughout the project.

The lighting of the workshop received an award.

The new complex was well received and was used as a model for other BMW garages.

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05 Milk Marketing Board

This is indeed a specialist field of engineering where steam generation and implementation of large machinery are commonplace in the production of dairy products.

Work has been carried out in most of the plant in the UK where the factory was frequently expanded.




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