Multi-discipline building services engineering and project management
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Confidence that a project will be professionaly managed can be the cornerstone to delivering a successful project.

The project management service we offer has been honed after many years of working on complex and sensitive projects by offering strong direction and effective communication through all stages of the commission.

This is achieved by providing a simple approach where we utilise the strengths of the professional and contractor team.

Our excellent people skills and in depth knowledge of the manufacturing, contracting and consultancy fields of industry help us overcome potential conflicts and problems throughout the different stages of a project.

We take responsibility of the management and direction for the work ensuring we maintain clear leadership and control of the programme and costs.

Our success has been attributed to our commitment of reducing the excessive paper trail of e-mails preferring to speak directly to individual team members to personally monitor and direct the project work.

Our background in building services where we have worked intensively in healthcare, commerce and historical buildings has proven invaluable in delivering projects on time and budget.

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