Multi-discipline building services engineering and project management
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Experience definitely counts in both the production of reports and the ability to address problems at both the design and installation stages of a project.

We are qualified and experienced engineers who are able to deliver concise and logical reports which will allow clients to easily extract the key points and direction.

Platform Consulting offer a full range of reports which include:

  • Condition Survey
  • Due Diligence Survey
  • Pre- Acquisition Survey
  • Letting/Vendor Survey
  • Asset Survey
  • Dilapidations Survey
  • Energy Survey
  • Life Cycle Survey
  • Feasibility Reports

Troubleshooting has now become a more frequent requirement where the client or developer is faced with a property which is unsatisfactory in terms of performance or operation.

The Practice has been engaged on many occasions to oversee and resolve shortcomings in the building services design.

Regrettably, there appears a growing need for such intervention where the design, installation or commissioning has failed to achieve the required performance.

We have many years of working in both contracting and consultant engineering which has proved a determining factor in offering a practical and, in some cases, simple solution.

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